What Vegans Eat – Day 1346


Breakfast: There are plenty of Fruity Waffles for this morning’s breakfast. Yes, I overcooked them! Something that rarely happens. They were still good, topped with Blueberry Banana Coulis.

Dinner: We are making an effort to eat super-clean and that means good ol’ home cooking. Except for today. Too many things going on, too little time, too little food in the house. We decided to order in, as clean as we could from Green Zenphony. I was so hungry I ate the remaining Buckwheat dish I made yesterday to hold me over.

I went with the Soy Duck Cold Cuts, Bean Curd Skin with Mushrooms that they do so well. Gary ordered his Veggie Pork Ribs.

Next for me was the Mushrooms with Shanghai Vegetables. Gary order his Bean Curd Platter Supreme. They were both pretty good, but never the same when you plate them at home. We also ordered a Steamed Greens dish with vegan Oyster Sauce. There was plenty leftover for me to make my favorite Leftover Chinese Food Soup on another day.

Evening: As we continued to work on music and learning lines, we had a Teeccino Break. Why don’t Coffee Shops serve Teeccino? Do you know of one that does?


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