What Vegans Eat – Day 1347


Breakfast: This morning I made a Sage, Rosemary and Thyme tea. This is my newest herbal blend.
Lunch: We’ve been mixing it up a bit more and Oats do not appear every day. I wanted them today and made a big pot of Steel Cut Oats with Raisins and Apples so there would be plenty leftover for the next few days. I topped my bowl with Flax Seeds and Blueberry Banana Coulis and served Pink Grapefruit on the side.

Dinner: Today I soaked Pinto Beans in the morning and cooked them for dinner. We had our favorites with them: Sprouted Corn Torillas, Guacamole, Green Salad with Black Wrinkled Olives, Sweet Potatoes, and Crudite.

Evening: I wanted something creamy and sweet, like a cup of hot cocoa. But chocolate has caffeine and I didn’t want something to keep me awake. Instead, I blended Bananas with Soy Milk, Water and a little Almond Extract and heated it up. Gary grated the Nutmeg that went on top. This is a relaxing drink, with natural melatonin for sweet dreams.


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