What Vegans Eat – Day 1354


Breakfast: No, no, no! Do we have to go? It’s our last morning here at The Stanford Inn by the Sea. Sadly we packed our bags and then set out to The Ravens Restaurant for our last breakfast. The Carrot Juice and Teapots accent the rustic, cozy decor of the room.

This morning I chose the Garden Scramble with Seasoned Tempeh, Braised Seasonal Garden Vegetables and Rosemary Potatoes.

Gary selected the Stanford Ranchero: Corn tortillas with black beans, Seasoned Tofu topped with Chipotle Sauce, Salsa Cruda and Rosemary Potatoes.

Snacks: Back in the car, we were driving south to San Jose. We stopped in the middle at the Sebastopol Horticulture Nursery. My friend Mike Boss recently purchased this amazingly beautiful space and he has many plans for it, including growing many perennial edible plants for people to grow in their own gardens.

Along the way, back in Bay Area traffic we snacked on Bananas and Apples.
Dinner: We were meeting Gary’s family for dinner at Aldo’s. We got to town early and had a treat at the Pressed Juicery in Los Gatos, Vanilla and Strawberry Freeze! At Aldo’s I requested a custom plate of Vegetables, Potatoes and Olives, with no salt and very little oil. They did a great job and I forgot to take a photo of it! It had Broccoli, Spinach, Potatoes, Olives and Carrots.

After dinner we drove to Santa Cruz to our friend’s John and Deo where we would be staying for the next three nights. John was away at a retreat and we shared an evening tea with Deo before calling it a night.

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