What Vegans Eat – Day 1355


Breakfast: Deo had prepared two big jars with Smoothies for us to enjoy this morning. I know it had Berries and Chia Seeds, but I don’t remember what else was in it. It was tart and fresh and a great thing to have to start the day. Deo invited us to join her for an improv class in Santa Cruz. Afterwards we took her to lunch at Dharma’s. I had my favorite Gardener’s Salad.

Gary, the Burrito Boy, and Deo chose the very filling Breakfast Burrito. They both took half of theirs home.

Snack: After our lunch Gary and I took a walk on the beach and around the town of Capitola. We stopped at our favorite grocery store, the Staff of Life. I had a custom Smoothie with Kale, Cocao, Peanut Butter and Hemp Milk. Gary had the Bruce Banner, a very green Green Juice, worthy of the Hulk.

Dinner: Many people are afraid to cook for Gary and me because we are vegan and we know how to cook. Deo is not one of those people and she had made many wonderful meals for us. John returned from his retreat and their friend Veronica joined us for dinner. We had a lively conversation as we always do about the issues of the day. We began with a colorful Salad with a rich Tahini Dressing.

It looks like Thanksgiving! Deo baked slices of Butternut Squash and topped them with Caramelized Brussells Sprouts, a great combo.

She also made Greens with Onions and Garlic.

Evening: Later in the evening Gary and I craved Oats. We had bowls of Rolled Oats with Raspberries, Raisins, Apples and Soy Milk. It tasted like home.


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