What Vegans Eat – Day 1384


Breakfast: It’s concert day today. I am singing at Long Beach Library at 2:30pm. First, our morning brew – Teeccino with Soy Foam.

Next, a savory brunch of Thanksgiving leftovers and the remaining Kale Salad. I love Kale Salad with Black Wrinkled Olives and this salad is loaded with them. Today’s Thanksgiving dishes consist of Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Cashew Cream, topped with Mushroom Gravy and a comforting, nourishing Vegetable Soup made with all the chopped Veggies not used in the preparing the holiday dishes.

Dinner: My cousin Donna and her older daughter Kathryn met us at the concert. They leave tomorrow to return home to Florida. I enjoyed my performance, especially singing two songs I had not sung before in public, one that I had basically learned last night! We drove out to visit mom in the hospital. My friend Robin arrived just as we were leaving. She had baked muffins for my mom. How sweet! We took our guests to the train station so they could get to their Manhattan hotel. There was a lot of driving today. Gary and I were grateful for our parking karma, finding a spot after a brief search. We couldn’t wait to eat when we finally got home. I especially was looking forward to the Vegetable Soup. It has everything in it including our Brown/Red/Black Rice Blend and Mashed Turnips.

Next up was the remaining Butternut Squash Lasagna. We had finished the Butternut Squash Cream Sauce so Gary warmed up some of his Marinara. It was a nice change.

We also finished up the Kale Salad.

Evening: There are desserts calling out to us from the refrigerator. Today, we answered the Purple Sweet Potato Pie with Caramel Marshmallow Topping.


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