What Vegans Eat – Day 1388


Breakfast: Staffordshire Oatcakes are back again, spread with a Tahini/Miso/Nutritional Yeast Spread, topped with Apricot Butter and Red Onions. We love the mix of the sweet and salty tastes.

Dinner: This meal began with Olives. While we waited for the food to get cooked we had these olives. Let me tell you about olives. You should never eat an olive from a can. Those are not olives! They are terrible. Find an olive bar at your supermarket or even better, a Middle Eastern shop. There are many kinds of marinated olives and they are all delicious. My favorite is the black wrinkled olive but I love Kalamata, and so many others.

I finished up the everything soup, a Vegetable Soup with everything else – Garbanzo Beans, topped with Porcini Mushrooms and the rest of the Tahini/Miso/Nutritional Yeast Spread. Every spoon feels good going down.

I feel like we haven’t been eating enough Kale in the last few weeks. We’re catching up.

The food keeps coming. Gary made Baked Fries and served it with Sweet Potatoes.

We have Pecan Pie in the freezer. This raw pie is the most delicious treat and it’s good for you. How can that be? You must try it soon.


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