What Vegans Eat – Day 1397


Breakfast: It’s an easy day for me and a work day for Gary. I am reveling in the success of my concert last night. My plan is to relax in the glow and do a little catch up work. It’s rare when I can just “be”. We stopped at Roy’s Station for hot drinks. I got my Maté Chino with Almond Milk and Gary went caffeine-free with Mint. They make the best drinks here.

Lunch: I am so hungry! I burned a lot of calories yesterday. We went over to Khanh’s again even though we had take out from them yesterday. Yes, we had Tofu Rolls.

Yes, I got my Vegetables Combination and Gary had the Rice Vermicelli and Vegetables. We are predictable here.

Tea Break: Where to go when you have no where to go? Gary was done with auditions. I spent the time working in the library but I hadn’t quite finished. We went to the Los Gatos Roasting Company for tea and Wifi.

Dinner: Now what? Should we pick up some food and head back to Gary’s dad’s house to make dinner? We had not been to Vegetarian House during our entire stay this week. I said we needed to go home, our home away from home. We received warm welcomes from most of the Vegetarian House staff when we arrived. I ordered my old favorite, the nourishing and comforting Flying Buddha Soup.

We shared the Heavenly Salad.

Gary ordered Brown Rice and this Fried Rice dish was delivered. The server realized it was a mistake but it looked too good so we said, “Add it to our bill, we’ll take it!”

We really feel at home here. It’s a good place to relax and rejuvenate. Sunny Mueller the manager was there and he stopped at our table several times to chat. He was happy the restaurant was doing so well and they had a big corporate catering job coming up. We are so happy for them too! He treated us to dessert. I chose the raw Lemon Tart. When we were leaving he slipped a box of Sjaak’s Chocolates and two chocolate bars in our hands. So much love here and generosity.


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