What Vegans Eat – Day 141


Breakfast: The last day of our California trip has arrived. The morning was filled with last minute tasks: cleaning up the pool house; doing some laundry; some final packing. I munched on some of the leftover berries and grapes from the party food still remaining from Sunday.
Hungry and grateful for the party leftovers, I ate more of the plain hummus, bruschetta filling and fresh fruit.
Dinner: San Francisco airport has some restaurants with good vegetarian food, but unfortunately not at the Delta terminal where we were. We bought two roasted veggie wraps with hummus from Guava & Java and brought them along on the plane. They were okay. I did like the crunchy fresh greens that the wrap was filled with. We nibbled on the few remaining dates we had left along with one square each of chocolate. We looked forward to getting home to our own kitchen and our own food!
Evening: It was after 1 AM when we finally got home. I was hungry, thirsty and tired. The refrigerator was empty but I did manage to find a bottle of homemade mint tea to drink and grabbed a handful of raw cashews. Then I went to bed. Home at last!

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