What Vegans Eat – Day 142


Breakfast: Our first breakfast at home in over a month. The weather was perfect so we thought we’d dine on the terrace but we discovered some pigeons had been there while we were gone. The birds flew the coop but left us an abandoned nest and their pigeon poo was dropped over everything! We spent a good amount of time scrubbing down the terrace with buckets of warm water and soap. We ate breakfast inside while the terrace and patio furniture dried. We had one of our favorites, Buckwheat Waffles with a Banana Strawberry Compote. Gary brewed Kukicha Tea with Chai Spices. Pigeon poo or no pigeon poo, it’s good to be home!
Daily Green Juice: I have not had my daily green juice for a month. It was time to ease back into the routine. Gary bought a couple of juices from our neighborhood Ripe Juice Bar. We always get the Achilles, made with Celery, Spinach, Parsley, Broccoli, Cucumber. After my green juice we then treated ourselves to homemade smoothies made with frozen organic strawberries, frozen organic banana’s, and fresh organic blueberries!
Dinner: Gary also did some food shopping while I did a lot of computer catch-up work. While he was out I soaked and cooked a big pot of red lentils. When Gary returned from the store he turned the cooked lentils into the most delicious soup I ever had. He sauteed an onions with red pepper flakes, Herbes de Provence and white wine and then added the lentils and a couple of tablespoons of white miso. I want more now! We had loved the roasted cauliflower we had had in San Francisco two nights before and so he made another version with onions, tomatoes, dried figs, chopped almonds, dried red hot chili peppers and roasted garlic. We enjoyed both the roasted cauliflower and the red lentil soup with some warm organic corn tortillas. I love our food!

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