What Vegans Eat – Day 1418


Breakfast: Luxury Hotel Breakfast again? Yes! It’s the weekend and we’re making the most of it. Plus, the upcoming week’s events have changed for us. We were planning to drive to our friends’ annual New Year’s Eve party in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and see some theater on Broadway during the first week of the new year. Then Gary was going to fly to California to direct A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Unfortunately his dad fell and landed in the ICU. We canceled all our plans and Gary will be flying a week early to California tomorrow. So at least we can pretend until tomorrow night that we are having a little party going on. But actually we don’t need a reason to eat this decadent breakfast. It’s good and good for you, with Raspberries, Apples, Bananas, Flax Seeds, Rolled Oats, and Creamed Coconut Milk.

Snack: Our breakfast filled us all day. After a long walk, Gary packed and I did a little computer work. We each had a Banana to keep us going.
Dinner: I was inspired to do something special, since this would be our last night together for a while. I made an Asian-inspired feast. There were Fresh Rolls, Rice Paper filled with chopped Kale, shaved Carrots, Celery, Mint and freshly-made-by-Gary Baked Tofu, marinated with Balsamic Vinegar and Apricot Butter. Gary made the dipping sauce with Peanut Butter, Apricot Butter and Lime Juice. Apricot Butter makes for a great whole food sweetener. These rolls were AMAZING!

I made a Carrot Ginger Dressing for the Kale Salad, and Millet Avocado Maki too. Gary made the dipping sauce for the maki too, Tahini Dressing with Smoky Paprika and Chipotle Powder.

It was a beautiful evening.

Evening: Often when difficult things happen we reach for food to comfort us. I had a rare craving for a piece of chocolate candy. We have some in the freezer, leftover from Halloween and a new box of Sjaak’s gifted to us recently. I thought about them. Instead of taking a piece, I made a quick frozen treat with frozen Strawberries, Bananas, Soy Milk and Vanilla. The craving disappeared and there were good feelings in my belly.


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