What Vegans Eat – Day 1432


First Meal: After coming home late and very cold last night, I slept about 6 hours. I had to get up early to drive out east to Mom’s house, pick her up and drive back in the opposite direction, past my home and beyond to see my 13-year-old niece perform in A Little Shop of Horrors. While at Mom’s I made some Steel Cut Oats with Apples as fast as I could and gulped it down with some Oolong Tea.
Second Meal: My niece was awesome, of course and we all went to my brother’s home for a late lunch. My sister-in-law made a lot of yummy, healthy vegan dishes – two Bean Salads, a Kale Salad, Guacamole and Potato Salad.

For dessert we had these gorgeous fresh Berries. There was vegan ice cream too, but I passed on that.

She also served Chocolate Hummus with Strawberries. Have you tried Chocolate Hummus?

Third Meal: Back on the road, I drove mom all the way home, and then went back to Forest Hills. I got a parking place pretty easily. Then I made a quick soup with Tempeh, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Cilantro, Carrots and Onions. I am hooked on Purple Sweet Potatoes in soup.


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