What Vegans Eat – Day 1465


First Meal: Happy Valentine’s Day. We are feeling a bit disoriented today, with Gary’s dad dying yesterday. After a meeting with his family at the mortuary to plan the funeral Gary and I wanted to go somewhere where we would feel at home and comfortable. There’s only one place like that in San Jose and that’s the Vegetarian House. One of the last times we were here we were accidentally served a rice dish that we insisted we’d keep to try and we liked it. Gary wanted to try it again but he forgot which rice dish it was. He ordered the Seven Seas Rice with Brown & Wild rice, Pine Nuts, Sesame Seed, Seaweed, Red Bell Pepper, Kale, Lettuce, Cucumber and a mild tangy sauce. It wasn’t the same dish, but I think it was even better!

We shared the Heavenly Salad. We always get this dish but it seemed more appropriate today, thinking about life and death.

Gary got the Queens Joy, Soy Protein with Onions & Garlic, pan fried in a special sauce.

I got the Spicy Mambo dish made with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. I LOVE this dish!

From time to time when we are at the Vegetarian House, Gary will “surprise” me with a box of Sjaak’s vegan Chocolates. When he got up to “go to the bathroom” I said with a smile, “don’t get me any of those Sjaak’s chcolates.” Guess what I got!

The servers were very excited about the special Red Velvet Cupcakes they were serving for dessert today. We had to try one, for them. It was excellent, and a half piece was more than enough. It had a rich, coconut flavor.

Gary is directing Shakespeare here in San Jose and Tonya has been working as the stage manager. She gave Gary some vegan treats for us. When we got back to the house, I opened the vegan Toffee Boutique vegan chocolate and we each had a few pieces. This is a sweet day.

Green Juice:
Enough with all the sweets. When Gary left to teach his evening acting class, I made Green Juice, with Kale, Celery, Carrots and Key Limes. We had some when he got back.

Second Meal: There were a lot of White and Sweet Potatoes that needed to be cooked. Gary made a big pile of Baked Fries. Unfortunately, the Sweet Potato Fries got burned. We are not used to the electric oven here! But we did have some regular Fries.


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