What Vegans Eat – Day 1466


First Meal: I have been here at Gary’s dad’s home since Monday night. I am feeling more at home and decided it was my turn to make breakfast. I made Oatmeal, cooked with Raisins, Bananas and Pumpkin Seeds. I stirred in Raspberries when it was all done. It’s beautiful.

Second Meal: We had another meeting to plan Gary’s dad’s funeral, this time at the cemetery. We took some time to look for some of Gary’s family members buried there, but couldn’t find them. We’ll have to go back and look another time. Last but not least, we visited Gary’s mom who passed in 2012. When we got back to the house, Gary made a big Salad and his famous Flatbread.

He also made some of his famous Baked Tofu. It was an excellent lunch.

Third Meal: Gary’s acting class finished yesterday and this evening the students were performing there scenes. When we got home from the performance we had Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter, Apricot Butter, Apples and Bananas. It was a little sweet for me. Afterwards I finished up the salad from lunch along with a piece of Tofu.


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