What Vegans Eat – Day 1471


First Meal: Not long ago I created this soup made with organic Purple Sweet Potatoes, organic Tofu, organic Red Onions and Water. I like to call it Purple Rain Soup, not Prince’s “blood in the sky” variety but an anthocyanin-rich, fragrant dish with a gorgeous purple hue.

There was some leftover Garbanzo Bean batter from the frittata Gary made so I made some crepes. I ate them with Avocado.

Second Meal: Savory for a first meal, sweet for the next? Why not? I was in the mood for organic Rolled Oats with organic Strawberries, organic Pumpkin Seeds, organic Walnuts, organic Raisins and organic Soy Milk.

Third Meal: Gary’s cast was having their dress rehearsal and I came to see some of it. It ended late and afterwards we had supper. More Purple Rain Soup for me.

I made a Salad of organic Napa Cabbage, organic Red Cabbage and organic Arugula tossed with an organic Tahini Dressing.


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