What Vegans Eat – Day 1473


First Meal: I wanted to make Breakfast Black Beans but I didn’t have cocoa powder. I did have a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar that I almost added to my pot of cooked organic Black Beans, organic Purple Sweet Potatoes, organic Red Onions and organic Cinnamon. But then I decided not to. What was amazing was that the purple sweet potatoes gave the dish a suggestion of chocolate. I was very pleased. I added a dollop of Tahini Dressing.

Second Meal: Before heading off to the theater for another performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream I made a late lunch. I was inspired by the Kale Fried Rice dish we had recentely at the Vegetarian House, making a sauté of organic Kale, organic Red Bell Pepper, organic Onion, organic Garlic and organic Pumpkin Seeds. I served it on organic Brown Rice.

Third Meal: After another fun performance we returned to the house hungry. Gary warmed up the organic Purple Sweet Potatoes we had already baked.

We warmed up the leftovers along with organic Corn Tortillas and Avocado. I defrosted the green juice I made a few days ago and we both had giant glasses of it. This was an energizing meal.


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