What Vegans Eat – Day 1483


First Meal: After our Taste of Millennium feast last night I thought I would never need to eat again! But the morning came, things moved along as they do and I was hungry anew. I had moved one of the Green Juices I froze to the refrigerator to defrost. We had organic Bananas, organic Green Juice (with Kale, Celery, Carrots, and Lemon) and a few organic Pecans to start the day.
Second Meal:
We got outside for a walk in the Rose Garden. There’s been a lot of rain here so it was nice to walk and breathe outside and see a bit of sun peeking through the clouds. Back out the house and now super hungry Gary made lots and lots of food. We started with an organic Kale Salad with Avocado, organic Red Onions and organic Tahini Dressing. We couldn’t wait to sit down and eat. Then the doorbell rang! One of Gary’s dad’s neighbors came by to pay his respects. We sat down and chatted for a while and then got back to our late lunch.

I had requested organic Tempeh in Tomato Sauce. Gary made a quick organic Spicy Marinara and served it with organic Brown Rice.

Oh my! He also baked some Sweet Potatoes. There will be leftovers for later, that’s for sure.

Snack: Later in the evening, not very hungry but wanting something juicy we went for fruit. I sliced some oranges from cousin Nancy’s tree. Later while watching a double feature we had organic Apples. The movies we saw were excellent and we recommend them: The African Doctor (Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont) and My Masterpiece (Mi Obra Maestra)


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