What Vegans Eat – Day 1485


Tea: We got up a little earlier than usual. Gary and I were meeting Raya, a dear friend and former student of Gary’s, at Manresa Bread in Campbell. There wasn’t anything there that interested us to eat but the teas were tempting. Gary had an herbal tea with Carrots in it! I went with a Black tea and we both had them with Almond Milk. We chatted for a long time and had a second round of the same beverages. Elizabeth, another former student of Gary’s showed up and surprised us. It was a good morning!
First Meal: We were both so hungry when we got back to the house. Gary had organic Rolled Oat with organic Pears, organic Raisins and organic Soy Milk.

I finished up the organic Brown Rice, organic Tempeh in Tomato Sauce and organic Purple Potatoes.

Second Meal: I’m leaving tonight for New York. Gary’s sister wanted to get together for lunch, to say goodbye, and we met at Khanh’s. We had the usual dishes, starting with Tofu Rolls.

I had the Tofu, Shiitake and Mix Vegetables. It was beautiful as always.

Snack: I’m taking a red eye flight. The afternoon and evening were rough. Gary and I knew we’d soon be apart. We drank a lot of tea and I finished up the Orange and Blueberry Fruit Salad to pass the time.

Third Meal: At the airport I had a light meal of Tofu Rolls, the ones we didn’t finish at lunch. They make a perfect travel food.

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