What Vegans Eat – Day 1487


Tea: It’s Mother’s Day, the day I visit my mom. I have not seen her in over three weeks since I have been in California. I made myself a new tea my sister-n-law gave me, a blend of Maté, Cinnamon and Peppermint. I never would have thought to mix these but I like it. I warmed up the organic, homemade Hemp Milk and poured it into the tea.

First Meal: I took the train and a Lyft to get there. I was so hungry when I arrived. Her neighbor Laurie came over to visit. I wanted to chat and give both of them my undivided attention but I had to eat. I made a big salad for all of us with organic Mixed Greens, Green Olives, organic Garbanzo Beans, organic Broccoli, organic Apples and organic Balsamic Vinegar.

Second Meal: Afterwards I took mom’s car to Whole Foods and did a big shopping for her and a little shopping for me. Last week I included Beyond Burgers and Field Roast’s Chao Cheese Slices in her grocery order and she liked them! Today I bought her more. It’s my dream to wean her off the beef burgers and muenster cheese with these new plant versions. When I got back to her house, I made a big pot of soup. It’s always the same routine. I fill up about six big jars of soup for her. I freeze some and put one of two in the refrigerator. This way I know she’ll have something nutritious to eat. She tends to go for what’s easy, and ready made soup like this is easy. She also insists I take some soup home with me, not realizing that I am making this batch expressly for her. I never take any with me! This batch had organic Peas, organic Carrots, organic Corn, organic Onions, organic White Potatoes, organic Cannellini Beans, organic Pinto Beans, Caraway Seeds, Rosemary, Dill Turmeric all cooked in water and beer. I like the flavor the beer brings to the soup and mom’s got a few bottles lingering around that no one is going to drink. After filling the jars there was enough for each of us to have a bowl. Mom said she wasn’t hungry, but this soup looked too good to pass up.

Third Meal: I’m jet lagged and wired. It was late when I got home. I wanted something comforting that would help me sleep. I made organic Polenta with Raisins and served it with a dollop of Apricot Butter. Good night.


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