What Vegans Eat – Day 1488


First Meal: My plan was to visit my cousin Luis who is in the hospital today. I went to bed late (still on California time) and woke up late. I wasn’t very hungry and I didn’t have a lot of time. I grabbed a bottle of Tea’s Tea unsweetened White and Green Tea that our neighbors frequently give us when they come over. I was grateful for it. I grabbed a banana and got on the subway to get to the hospital in the Bronx.
Second Meal: We had a small family reunion at the hospital and I stayed a few hours. Despite the fact that Luis was ill (and recovering) we had a good time. Wedding, funerals and illnesses unfortunately are the events that happen to allow us to make time to see people we care about. We promised to make an effort to see each other more often. The subway ride was longer coming home. I was so hungry! I made a quick soup of everything that was in reach – cooked organic Yellow Split Peas, organic Red Onions, organic Cauliflower in a broth of organic Porcini Mushroom Powder, and organic Herbs and Spices.

That was the first course and I was still hungry. I reheated the cooked organic Polenta from yesterday, adding more water and organic Apricot Butter to it, hence the more orange color. I topped it with organic Walnuts.

Third Meal: Still on California time and still hungry I had a late salad dinner made with organic Kale, organic Raspberries and organic Tahini Dressing.

For dessert I made a frozen treat of mixed, organic Berries, Cocoa Powder and Hemp Milk. I can eat this anytime.


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