What Vegans Eat – Day 1489


First Meal: History repeats itself. At least yesterday and today did. I had plans to go to some open houses to look at Manhattan apartments. The window was tight, noon to 1:30pm. Still on California time, I stayed up late. I forgot that the clocks were moving ahead today. I woke up and it was 10:15. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the unfinished bottle of Tea’s Tea and a banana and got on the subway. The weather was odd, misty, bits of sun, but not so cold. It was good to be outside. I only got to see one apartment out of three on my list before heading home.
Second Meal: On the subway ride home I reviewed in my head over and over what food I would prepare when I got home. This is a good strategy when hungry. It distracts me a little from the actual hunger and makes the real meal prep a lot faster once I have practiced in my mind. I decided to make a Garbanzo Bean Flour Flatbread, adding lots of Herbs, Spices and Seeds. I was pleased with the result!

While the flatbread was baking I warmed up the rest of the organic Yellow Split Peas with organic Red Onions, organic Cauliflower, and organic Porcini Mushroom Powder in water.

Green Juice: I made a lot of green juice before heading out to California mid February. I froze them in individual jars and now every day I can defrost one serving, the gift I made for myself.

Treat: I have been having late night cravings for Berries. I defrosted some organic Strawberries and really enjoyed them along with some Pineapple Banana Herb Tea.



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