What Vegans Eat – Day 1498


First Meal: I had a busy day planned that started early. I packed my breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was so good, Soaked Oats. I forgot how much I loved this dish. I had prepared organic Rolled Oats, the night before and mixed them with a chopped organic Pear, organic Raisins, organic Pumpkin Seeds and organic Blueberries and soaked it in organic Soy Milk. I brought along an organic Banana too.

Second Meal: My packed lunch was a big salad with organic Mixed Greens, organic Black Beans, organic Tomatoes and organic Raspberries. I have never tried any of Dr. Fuhrman’s salad dressings but my sister had the Walnut Balsamic so I used it. It was fine, but a little too sweet for me. I prefer our homemade dressings better.

Third Meal: Back at the house I made my new favorite Purple Rain Soup with organic Purple Sweet Potatoes, organic Tofu and organic Red Onions.

My sister has a new treat that I tried, So Delicious Chocolate Dipped Pops with Coconut Milk Ice Cream, sweetened with erythritol, not refined sugar. Have you tried erythritol? It’s a sugar alcohol and low-calorie sweetener. I’m not going to use it for everything but for the occasionally treat it’s very good.


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