What Vegans Eat – Day 1500


First Meal: I’ll be leaving Florida later this evening. Today I get to take it easy. I made organic Steel Cut Oats with organic Raisins, organic Pears, Cinnamon and organic Raspberries and topped it with organic Pumpkin Seeds and organic Walnuts, because my sister wanted some crunch.

My nephew left his dog Wayne with us today to watch. I am not a dog-person but when I saw Wayne with nothing to do I invited him out for a run. We had a good time.

Second Meal: We got back and couldn’t drink enough water. Then I made myself some lunch: organic Arugula Salad with organic Cannellini Beans, organic Black Raspberries and organic Tahini Dressing and a bowl of the organic Red Lentil Soup I made yesterday.

For dessert I had an organic Apple. Do you ever think of a piece of fruit as dessert? It’s a treat. I love apples when they are juicy, tart and crunchy.

Third Meal: My sister reminded me that she had bought me mushrooms. She had bought a box of two or three varieties. As I was chopping them my brother-in-law opened up a bottle of beer. Before he took a sip I asked him if I could have some. I took 1/4 cup to sauté the mushrooms. I chopped up the leftover organic Tofu, organic Broccoli and organic Onions I had made for my sister yesterday and added that to it. While everything cooked I blended together organic Cashews, Water, organic Garlic, organic Basil and organic Chickpea Miso. When the Mushrooms and Veggies were done I mixed them with the sauce. This was a very good dish.


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