What Vegans Eat – Day 1508


First Meal: I’ve come to the end of the Oats again. I made the last of the organic Steel Cut Oats, cooked with organic Raisins, organic Cinnamon and organic, unsweetened flaked Coconut, topped with organic frozen Blueberries.

Second Meal: Today’s giant salad had organic Mesclun Greens, cooked organic Black Beans, organic Tomatoes, organic Walnuts, Nutritional Yeast and an organic Tahini Balsamic Dressing

I had bought some organic Medjool Dates last week thinking I would make a new cookie recipe. I’ve decided to put the recipe off and eat the dates now!

Third Meal: I was craving Tomato Sauce. I think I am just missing Gary and thinking about what he might cook. While baking an organic Butternut Squash, I made a fast dish of sliced organic Tempeh cooked in some organic, strained Tomatoes from Bionaturae. When it was all done, I sat down to eat. It was okay, not great. The squash wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting. But it satisfied my hunger and I had no cravings when I was done.


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