What Vegans Eat – Day 1523


First Meal: Our neighbor sent us the New York Times article this morning about Japanese Soufflé pancakes. As soon as I read it I wanted to make them for breakfast. Breakfast at 2pm, for us. I looked at the published recipe with eggs, milk and sugar and set out to make my own version that was vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free! I defrosted some Aquafaba and got it whipping once it was liquid. I made a batter with Garbanzo Bean Flour, All-Purpose Gluten-free Flour, Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract and Water and folding the whipped Aquafaba (now with stiff peaks) into it. I wasn’t expecting it too work out but it was perfect! The published version uses molds to hold the pancakes up and keep them high. I didn’t have them and will have to pick up a couple to achieve the ultimate effect. But they were light, silky and wonderful. We served Apricot Butter on top.

Second Meal: I was meeting some vegan activist friends for dinner at Franchia. It’s now a tradition we started last year. Karen Davis is up to speak at the Veggie Pride Parade tomorrow and Sheila and Susan are local New York activists. Franchia is known for their wonderful appetizer Pancakes and four kinds were ordered. I tried a couple. They are fun and flavorful, but fried and a little too oily for my palate.

I ordered the Vegetarian Bibimbop in the stone bowl.


There is a lovely selection of teas and many are caffeine free. I was looking forward to the Date Paste tea but they were out so I opted for the Citron Paste Tea. I thought there were little citrus seeds floating in the cup but to my surprise they were Pine Nuts. Yummy.

Third Meal: When I got home the apartment smelled wonderful. Gary had been cooking lots of food. I sat down and joined him and had a bowl of yellow Split Pea Soup. These are the split peas that never get soft enough. I always thought spilt peas would dissolve if you cooked them enough but for years now the kind we get stay very firm. We soaked them for two days too. Gary blends them up to make a smooth soup.


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