What Vegans Eat – Day 1524


First Meal: It’s the 12th Annual Veggie Pride Parade! Gary and I got up late. I warmed up the Rice and Broccoli Soup I made last night and the leftover Pancakes for Gary. Gary passed on eating. I could not go without food.

We got to the event after the parade had finished and we set up our exhibitor table at Union Park. I brought along Jasmine Tea and Apples. There were many speakers throughout the including myself.

Second Meal: The event was very lively and the weather held up nicely, no rain! There was an after party later in the evening. We decided to try Matthew Kenney’s Double Zero Vegan Pizza Restaurant. Gary ordered the Eggplant Bacon pizza.

I had the Artichoke Spinach Pizza. We both had gluten-free crusts. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food was festive. We enjoyed it but couldn’t help say that we like our homemade pizza better! Have you ever tried our gluten-free pizza dough?

We had a lot of time and were feeling celebratory so I ordered the Vanilla Panna Cotta for dessert with a Lemon Sorbet. It was lovely.

Third Meal: The after party was held in the back room of the at the V-Spot in the East Village. There was DJ and snacks. I took a basket of Salad, Empinadas, and Quesadillas with Plantains and Vegan Cheese.


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