What Vegans Eat – Day 1531


First Meal: Good morning. It’s Earth Day eve and the day before my birthday. I am very happy with how I decided to celebrate, going to lots of theater. Today we are going to see a matinee of A Number at the Abrons Center in the Lower East Side. Gary worked on scenes from A Number with the producer/actor of the show in his HB Studio scene study class. Gary set the breakfast table with fresh organic Strawberries, his homemade gluten-free Blueberry Bread, organic Bananas and organic Tahini.

He suggested making a spread with mashed bananas and tahini. Great idea!

Second Meal: After the show it was such a beautiful day we walked up to Chinatown for lunch at the Bodhi Kosher Vegatarian Restaurant. We started with Turnip Cakes. I discovered turnip cakes at the restaurant and loved them. But now that I have created my own version of Turnip Cakes, I like mine better.

Gary had the Barbecued Veggie Meat Noodle Soup.

I have the Veggie Beef Noodle Soup. Both were excellent.

Birthday Treats: With my birthday drawing near, Gary made Chocolate Peanut Clusters with organic dark Chocolate and organic Peanuts. As they chilled we each had on small scoop of Chocolate Chip Mint Almond Ice Cream. It was just right.

At the stroke of midnight, we toasted champagne glasses of pure Water with organic Lemon and sampled the Chocolate Peanut Clusters. Happy Birthday! Happy Earth Day!


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