What Vegans Eat – Day 1537


First Meal: We are living simple here in Gary’s childhood home as it get cleared out and repaired for sale. The 2019 Food Revolution Summit has begun. I’ll be working every morning from about 7:30am to noon and checking in throughout the day responding to people’s nutrition questions as they come in during the event. After the first wonderful day I was so hungry. We had big salads, organic Romaine Lettuce, with organic Tomatoes and organic Tahini Dressing.

The organic Buckwheat I cooked yesterday was finished up, topped with organic Walnuts.

Snack: We had to get outside! It’s so beautiful here right now. We ended up in downtown Campbell. After walking around we settled in at the Creamery for some Pineapple Dole Whip. (Later on I checked the ingredients. Although it’s vegan it’s full of crap! We won’t be going here again.) Afterwards, I set up my computer at one of the outdoor tables and checked in at the Summit to answer more questions. Have you registered? You can do that here.

Second Meal: My cooked Red Lentils was waiting for me when we got back. I reheated a cup and topped it with nutritional yeast.

There were also cooked organic Purple Sweet Potatoes. We cleaned them up to. Easy eating.

Snack: We plan on seeing the Avengers Endgame on Monday. We want to bring along popcorn but we are not at home with our air popper. We found organic microwave popcorn at Whole Foods that contained just corn, no oil and no salt. We did a test run and tried it. It works!


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