What Vegans Eat – Day 1538


First Meal: It’s Day 2 of the Food Revolution Summit. I am up early and online from 7:30am until about noon, answering your nutrition questions. I hope you are tuning in. I enjoyed some Tahini smeared on organic Rice and Quinoa crackers as I got to work.

Later, Gary served me some cooked, organic Buckwheat.

Tea Break: After the summit, we wanted to get some air. The best place to do that is Roy’s Station. Gary got me a flavored tea with Almond Milk. I have no idea what kind it was but it was nice.

Second Meal: We went back to the house for lunch. Since the house is getting ready for sale, there isn’t much furniture around. It was a beautiful day so we ate in the backyard. Gary shared lots of memories of playing out here as a kid. We had baked organic Yellow Potatoes with organic Ketchup.

We also had a big organic Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing. I’ve missed this!

Next up, exercise! The weather is gorgeous. We took a long walk around the Los Gatos Creek Trail. When we finished we treated ourselves to Pressed Juicery Freezes. These are made from real food unlike Dole Whip.

Third Meal: Staying in Gary’s childhood home, getting it ready for sale, we have no pots, or pans, or dishes. We have been making our meals, but not eating as much as we normally do and we are hungry. Time to fill up at the Vegetarian House! We shared a new dish, Crystal Noodles. So yummy.

Spicy Mamo, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms for me. Gary doesn’t like mushrooms but he tried them and nodding his head saying, “these are good”.

He got his favorite dish, Queens.

We love the staff at the Vegetarian House. Wendy gave us some Sjaak’s chocolate. As we were leaving Lorna remembered that it had been my birthday last week and she gave me a box of Sjaak’s chocolates! Lucky me.

In the evening, I baked an Apple Cinnamon Gluten-free bread. We are leaving soon and we had a big jar of ALl-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour. We were clever. There are no baking pans left in the house, since it’s getting ready for sale. We used the broiler pan, covered with baking paper. It worked very well! This bread will nourish us over the next week or so when we can’t cook.


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