What Vegans Eat – Day 1539


First Meal: Working every morning this week at the 2019 Food Revolution Summit. Have you signed up yet? Find out how and register for free!. I made myself a pot of Maté and nibbled on a piece of my homemade Apple Bread that I made yesterday.

Second Meal: Right after the summit Gary and I stood up at the kitchen counter eating. Since the house is getting ready to be sold there is little furniture and housewares to use. We are managing fine. We had homemade Apple Bread. Gary put together a yummy spread of organic Tahini and organic mashed Bananas. I finished up the remaining cooked Red Lentils.

Third Meal: Food prep is challenging without plates, cutting boards, knives, utensils and a table! We went out to Loving Hut for dinner. I am glad we did. We each ordered a main and a Pho (big bowl of noodle vegetable soup). I got the curry vegetable dish which was amazing in a rich creamy sauce. Gary got a tofu and vegetable dish. These were our appetizers that we gobbled down quickly. Did I mention we have been pretty hungry all the time lately?

Our soups were gorgeous and delicious, very satisfying, filled with lots of vegetables in a tasty broth.


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