What Vegans Eat – Day 1540


First Meal: Good morning! I’ve got my pot of Maté, a piece of homemade, gluten-free Apple Bread and a mobile hotspot since there is no WiFi here in Gary’s childhood home. I am pumped to be answering questions during the 2019 Food Revolution Summit. I am learning at the same time as I listen to the interviews.

Second Meal: Gary and I are driving up to Sausalito to visit with his cousins Lou and Amy. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, great for a drive on highway 280. I was hungry so we stopped at Sweet Green in Palo Alto and I got the Spicy Thai Salad. I ate it in the car while Gary drove.

The Nosh: We arrived at Lou and Amy’s home and parked. Lou greeted us and gave us a tour of the grounds and then inside the home. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The views of Sausalito and San Francisco are stunning. They put a lot of thoughtful planning into the home. I felt a peaceful energy here. Amy is moving towards eating a healthy vegan diet which is very exciting. She put out what she called a nosh. I call it a feast!

Gorgeous berries and grapes.

Miyoko’s Cheese on a bed of greens.

Crudités served with a delicious Bruschetta topping, two types of Hummus and a Cashew Cheese Spread. The scallions were so fresh and sweet.

I love Bean Curd skin when prepared as what is know as Veggie Duck. Amy talked about how it was a typical dish in the Chinese culture offered by her family. This was a little different than the ones I have had in vegan restaurants. It was fresh and so, so good. I could eat this all day.

Third Meal: After Sausalito we stopped in San Francisco on the way back and walked around. Did I say it’s been a beautiful day? Driving back to San Jose we discussed what to eat for dinner. Should we eat out or should we pick up some food and put a meal together? I am glad we decided on the latter. We stopped at Whole Foods and picked up organic Corn Tortillas, Avocados, organic Tofu and a couple of bricks of organic Black Beans. With very few tools and supplies Gary put together a beautiful meal! He mashed the Tofu with Miso and Nutritional Yeast, heated the Beans and cubed the Avocado. This is one of may favorite meals!


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