What Vegans Eat – Day 1545


First Meal: Today began yesterday and it will end late tonight. It’s a long day. It started in San Jose last night when I got on a red eye flight to New York. I tried to sleep but you know how plane sleeping can be. The flight landed about 6am. I was not going home. My plan was to take the AirTrain to the Long Island Rail Road and then get a Lyft to my mom’s house. I had parked the car in a parking space in her community. It was cold and rainy. Welcome home!I put all my luggage in the car and pulled out a few items I would need to sleep over mom’s house tonight. Then I drove the car to her driveway. With her dementia she didn’t remember that I was coming this morning so I called her before I entered the house. She was tired and so was I. I told her to go back to bed. I went upstairs to sleep in the office. I set the alarm for 11:30am. I would be working the final day of the 2019 Food Revolution Summit. It’s only an hour today. When I was done, I took a box of unopened Steel Cut Oats that I kept in the freezer and cooked it. When I tasted it, it was awful, very very stale. I had to toss it which makes me feel bad. I don’t like wasting food. Next, I took a few slices of Ezekiel Bread in the refrigerator to toast. When they popped out of the toaster I noticed there was mold on one of the slices. This was not a good start of the day. I tossed them and found a new loaf in the freezer. I toasted a few pieces and topped them with Earth Balance and organic Tomatoes.

Second Meal: That held me for a little while but I needed more. I started working on a big salad. I took a muscly head of organic Romaine lettuce and added organic Garbanzo Beans, Olives, organic Red Onions, organic Walnuts and organic Balsamic Vinegar.

Third Meal: Then we were off. My niece was performing in the junior version of the 23th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The drive normally takes about 90 minutes but it was raining, there were lots of accidents and the traffic was terrible. We made it to the theater about ten minutes before curtain. After the show we went with my brother’s family to Bareburger. As you may know they now boast a 50% vegan menu. And they have many gluten-free options too. I convinced Mom to get the Impossible Burger with vegan cheese and other fixings. She forgot it was vegan when it arrived and thought it was meat. She loved it.

I ordered the Black Bean Burger wrapped in a Collard Leaf. I love it.

It has lots of goodies inside!

It was a rainy dark night, not a good time to be driving. It took a long time to get back to Mom’s house. We had a little tea and then went to bed. This very long day that began in San Jose yesterday was now coming to an end. I could rest!

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