What Vegans Eat – Day 1557


First Meal: Big day today. I am scheduled to receive the 34 boxes Gary had shipped from his parents’ home filled with his mom’s treasures. It’s going to be Christmas for a long time, opening each box. I reheated the remaining cooked Polenta, adding in more water to make it creamy. I topped it with organic Pumpkin Seeds and organic Strawberries.

Snack: I am sitting with my computer trying to work all day, waiting for the big delivery. I can’t concentrate on anything! I ate an organic Apple.

Snack: The boxes have arrived, safe and sound. I have opened a few. There are many beautiful things here. You’ll see many of them soon enough in this blog! I took a break and ate an organic Mandarin Orange.

Second Meal: I took the remaining cooked Garbanzo Beans and cooked Broccoli and reheated them, adding water and spices and blending it all today, making a creamy Curry Broccoli Soup. I added in some organic Tahini for extra richness.

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