What Vegans Eat – Day 1562


Snack: I had a procedure this morning at the dermatologist. Nothing serious but something I wanted to take care of. Gary came along. When it was done I took him to Chelsea Market where I had discovered the Seed + Mill for halvah a few weeks ago. I just love the display!

Gary chose the Pistachio chocolate and we shared a few bites before heading home.

First Meal: I was so hungry, I grabbed the bowl in the refrigerator of organic Buckwheat with organic Shiitake Mushrooms and organic Onions and vacuumed it down. Then I relaxed and we had a nice meal of Staffordshire Oatcake sandwiches with Avocado, Tomato, Onion and Mustard. Gary made these. They look so much nicer when he makes them.

Second Meal: Dinner came late with an organic Pinto Bean Tomato Stew and organic Kale Salad with Onions, Tomatoes and Tahini Dressing.


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