What Vegans Eat – Day 1569


First Meal: I’m making waffles! A variation of the Steel Cut Oats and Millet Waffles using Corn Meal in place of Millet. While they cooked I roasted organic Bananas with sliced organic Pears.

Here’s how it came together with unsweetened Cashewgurt, Apricot Butter, Roasted Bananas and Pears.

Second Meal:
What a day! We bought tickets yesterday on Gary’s birthday for Hadestown and we went to see it today. It’s the best show ever!!! Wow. Just wow. Go see it. Afterward we went to Candle 79. We were meeting Bilal Qizilbash, the creator of EasyKale. We were early and Bilal would be very late. Gary and I sat at the bar and had Manhattans.

After an hour, we moved to a table and ordered appetizers. We were treated to an “amuse bouche” of Fried Vegan Cheese Balls. Delicous!

We ordered the Nachos.

And the Polenta Fries. It’s a party! Everything is so yummy.

Bilal arrived and we ordered dinner. I recommended he get the Arugula Salad with Wild Mushrooms. It’s a favorite.

Bilal also ordered the Onion Rings.

I tried the Chickpea Cake. It was full of flavor.

Gary had the Seitan Piccata. Excellent choice.

Gary got a side of Mac and Cheese. I love just about everything but this dish was a bit disappointing. Well, not everyone can make Mac and Cheese like Gary.

Of course we are having dessert. Bilal ordered the Berry Crumble.

Benay, the house manager presented Gary with a Carrot Cake with a birthday candle! Thanks, Benay and thank you Candle 79.


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