What Vegans Eat – Day 1575


First Meal: I had an 11am rehearsal for a concert I’ll be singing in. I just had some tea and took off. I prefer singing on an empty stomach than a full one. Sure enough I was super hungry when I came home. Gary made comfort food: Organic Mashed Potatoes, organic sautéed Kale and organic baked Tofu. Gary’s been experimenting with different marinades and spice mixes for his baked tofu. Today’s flavor was his own “hot dog” seasoning. Hot dog! It was yummy.

Snack: We are seeing the new musical Beetlejuice tonight with Alex Brightman. Gary directed Alex in several musicals when Alex was young and the two performed together on stage at the NYMTF one year in a new musical called Marry Me! We were excited to see him star in this production. We took a subway to Times Square and got there early so we walked around a bit. We each got a Supa Dupa Greens green juice at the Juice Generation and walked to the Westerly grocery store for a treat. We got a few pieces of organic Medjool Dates rolled in Coconut. We ate them in the theater. There were lots of cool eerie lights moving around that made everything pink and purple.

We met Alex’s parents before the show started. Afterwards they took us backstage where we got to see the magical set up close and tell Alex what an awesome job he did. He’s nominated for a Tony for this role!
Second Meal: We haven’t eaten a lot in the last few days. After the show we were ready to eat. We got home and made organic Guacamole, organic Corn Tortillas, organic Garbanzo Beans, organic Red Bell Pepper, organic Celery and organic Tahini.


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