What Vegans Eat – Day 1644


We have not done a big shopping since we came back from from California. Our pantry and freezer are bare. This is not inspiring when you want to cook. I like to have a wide choice of foods to choose from to come together in a meal, even if it is prepared simply. We took a long walk around the neighborhood and towards the end of the journey we are near the local health food store. We stopped in for some essentials. I marveled at some vegan products I had not seen. Vegan Victoria’s! My mom loves Victoria’s sauces and I was happy to see four of them boasting vegan labels. No, we didn’t get any. They are not organic and they have some ingredients like oil, salt and sugar that I prefer to leave out of our home-cooked dishes. Still, I was happy to see them there.

First Meal: It was late and we had not eaten anything all day. First to hydrate with lots of cool Watermelon.

Then a quick dish of precooked and prepared foods: Pinto Beans, Brown/Red Rice Blend and Kale Salad.

Second Meal: With some of th staples we picked up at the store, Gary cooked dinner. He made a spicy Garbanzo Bean Flour Zucchini Frittata (no egg of course).

He made sauce! Or as the Italians call it, gravy. Better than Victoria’s. Today we had it on Brown Rice Pasta. There is plenty more. Tomorrow, who knows?


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