What Vegans Eat – Day 1645


First Meal: Yes we eat a lot of waffles. Today’s waffle was an experiment. How do you make good recipes if you don’t try and create something new? I had purchased whole Sorghum a while ago and cooked the grains to try them. I had never had whole Sorghum before. It was okay. Perhaps I will buy and try them again. The taste is unique but not unpleasant. Like people, it’s important to get to know a new food. I had not been inspired to cook the grains again for a while. I have used Sorghum Flour before and liked it a lot so I decided to grind up the grains in the Vitamix. I didn’t have enough so I added in some Polenta. Then I made a batter with water and spices to make Waffles. The result? Well, the flours were not ground well enough so the consistency was like those hearty whole grain heavy health food breads we used to eat in the ’70s. The flavor was good, albeit a little extra crunchy. Served with Smashed Bananas and Teeccino, it was a fun breakfast.

Second Meal: Gary outdid me for dinner. While he cooked, I cut up a Cantaloupe for the appetizer.

We dined Al Fresco on our treasured terrace. Dinner consisted of Bake Tofu, Baked Sliced Yellow Potatoes, Guacamole, and Brown Rice Spaghetti in Marinara.

The next course was a big Kale Salad.

Beer: After a long day I insisted we walk to the local biergarten, Cobbestones in Forest Hills. Gary was stuffed from dinner but managed to enjoy one big beer.


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