What Vegans Eat – Day 1647


Tea: We took our long walk through Forest Hills Gardens. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with the loveliest homes I have ever seen. When we were on our way home I suggested we stop into the Red Pipe, the vegetarian Organic Cafe in our ‘hood. We shared a pot of decaffeinated Chai Tea with Soy Milk.

First Meal: I was planning our meal on the walk home. We had lots of cooked Brown Rice and ripe Avocados. I would make maki. We ate on the terrace.

Second Meal: Still in this quasi-staycation sort of mode we went out, yet again for dinner. Bareburger is the other option for us in the hood with organic and vegan options. I am into the Cali Fresh Salad these days and today I tried a different patty to top it, the Quinoa, Chia and Green Pea Patty. It was good!

It’s the Big Bopper and Sweet Potato Fries for the burger boy.

Third Meal: I had soaked Black Beans and cooked them and was ready for my evening Bean Sundae. I took a small bowl of Black Beans and topped it with ground Flax Seeds, Nutritional Yeast and Bilal’s Easy Kale Powder. I loved it! So colorful. I find eating a cup of beans a day is like a “spoon full of sugar”. It helps everything go down (or move down) in the most delightful way!


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