What Vegans Eat – Day 1648


First Meal: Today is an adventure day. We are going on an adventure. There are lots of lovely white sand beaches on Long Island and we don’t take advantage of them. I chose to go to one that was closest, Rockaway Beach. I had never been there so I don’t know what it looked like before the big Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when it’s wooden boardwalk and so much else was destroyed. We got up and were at the beach at about 10am. At first we were cautious. This is a very proletariat neighborhood. You can’t see the beach from the street where we parked among the utilitarian looking high-rise apartments. We parked and went over the hill. There was the 5.5 mile new concrete boardwalk and the long white sand beach. And Surfer Schools! Lots of people young and old were learning to surf. We overheard some of the conversations and they sounded like surfers too, dude! We walked a long way on the beach from about 67th Street to 114th Street where Cuisine By Claudette was, a cafe with vegan options. We stopped in and ordered The G.O.A.T. overnight soaked Oats and Greens Juices. Everything was fabulous.

Here’s a look at the interior.

Above the counter where we sat on stools was this panel.

Gary found the glass with the bakery items, many of them vegan. Like a kid in a candy store he was so excited! We shared the vegan Baklava. So good!

Second Meal: We returned home, refreshed and ready to work. Later in the evening I had to have my beans! I made another Bean Sundae with Black Beans, Flax Seeds, Nutritional Yeast and Bilal’s Kale Powder. Plus I added a little Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder.

Third Meal: Gary was in the mood to make some gravy! That means it’s pasta night. We had Brown Rice Rotelli Pasta with Gary’s Sauce, topped with Black Beans and Nutritional Yeast.

Kale Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Tahini Dressing for dessert!


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