What Vegans Eat – Day 1650


First Meal: I am in the mood for Chai today, topped with Cinnamon.

A little while later we warmed up the remaining Oat Waffles. I had mine savory with Tomatoes and Avocado and a side of Black Beans.

Second Meal: I attacked a big project today, working on the musical book for Gary’s play, Bad Hemingway by the Bay. It took hours to get all the songs with their cues in one .pdf document. Gary rewarded me with a gorgeous meal. First, the Roasted Vegetables, Bell Pepper, Zucchini, Onions, Yellow Potatoes.

I took a plate and indulged in a Creamy no-oil Pine Nut Pesto and went back to work.

Third Meal: Project completed! We sat down and enjoyed all of Gary’s work: Garbanzo Flour Flatbread, Baked Tofu, Roasted Veggies and that Pesto. Oh, that pesto. I can schmear it on anything. And I will.

Dessert: Of course there’s pie. Apple Pie.



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