What Vegans Eat – Day 1652


Morning Tea: I have a concert this evening so I am taking most of the day off. This is not easy for me to do. So I am not completely relaxing. I made myself a pot of Chai and relaxed with my computer on my lap.

First Meal: Gary is taking care of me today with a nourishing, big brunch, or lunch or whatever you want to call it. It’s 2pm and our first meal of the day. He’s put out Baked Sweet Potato Rounds and a succulent marinated Tempeh Steak with Apricots.

Gary suggested putting everything in our deep big bowls. Cooked Green Cabbage was on the bottom, topped with the Tempeh, Sweet Potatoes and a scoop of Millet. All organic of course.

This evening’s concert was held at the Oyster Bay Library. As I rehearsed and warmed up, Gary took a stroll around the neighborhood. We had never been here before. There was a car show going on so Gary amused himself with that. I brought my new steamer and carefully steamed my vocal cords. I also brought a big thermos of cool water. I could not stay hydrated which is dangerous when singing. The venue was so dry. And there was the smell of chlorine bleach which I think added to the drying effect. Fortunately, I was prepared and sang well. All my “Glitter and be Gay” high e flats were present and accounted for. When we got home I wanted to celebrate! I ate a small bowl of Black Beans with remaining Creamy Pesto Sauce in it. Then we cracked open the beers. I had my favorite Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout.

Earlier in the day I had made a Fresh Fruit Tart to enjoy after the concert.

It’s so beautiful anyway you look at it.

And yummy when sliced.


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