What Vegans Eat – Day 1657


First Meal: After yesterday’s meal at the Urban Kitchen I thought I would never want to eat again. Funny how quickly that changes when you get up and start moving around the next day. I wanted a full “eggs” and potatoes breakfast. Gary wanted to make his Blueberry Bread. He did and it was a disaster. It didn’t cook in the middle, it didn’t rise…did I mention it was a disaster. And that’s the thing about making up your own recipes, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, it’s all about trial and error. File this one in the error column. He moved on to my “eggs” and potatoes breakfast.

While waiting, I made some Vanilla Tea. It’s a treat nowadays, not drinking as much caffeine as before.

It seemed like forever before we sat down to eat. But it was worth it. Gary’s French Eggs are the best, served with Home Fries, Moyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter and Apricot Butter.

  definitely made up for the blueberry bread…did I mention it was a disaster?
Second Meal:
We picked up some produce at the local farmers market from Garden of Eve Organic Farm. We feasted on the beautiful Cherry Tomatoes that taste like candy with Scallions and Garbanzo Beans and Cantaloupe.

And we bought organic Corn. It’s hard to find but Garden of Eve had a few left.


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