What Vegans Eat – Day 1666


First Meal: After my Okara Blueberry Muffin failure the other day I froze the rest of the Okara. Today I made a Mushroom Vegetable Soup and thought I could thicken it with the Okara. Okara is great in soup! I added some of the remaining creamy Pesto and served it with Genmaicha tea.

Gary made his own dish, sort of a fried rice with our Millet/Brown Rice/Red Rice/Black Rice blend and Kale, Cabbage and Onions.

Second Meal: Today on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD, I was talking with Dr. Evan Allen about his book Oversaturated. In part 2 of the show, Jay Kuo joined me in the studio. I was introduced to Jay by a mutual friend Diana that Gary and I have worked with at Playful People Productions. We spoke about his journey to veganism along with the work he does in theatre. After the show we met Gary and had dinner at Franchia. We started with an appetizer of Combination Pancakes: Sweet corn cilantro, scallion & spicy kimchi pancakes, all so delicious.

Next we had the Peking Buns, Steamed buns stuffed with crispy vegetarian ‘duck’ and scallions. Very tasty!

Gary tried the Crispy Korean Chili Tofu with Garlic and Korean Chili Sauce served with Cucumber and Tomato.

I got the Vegan ‘Fish’ Fillet on a Hot Plate with Tomato, Eggplant, Tofu, and Onions in spicy Tamarind Sauce. It was amazing! So good. I would absolutely get this again.

We were all very satisfied with our meals but decided we couldn’t pass up on dessert so we shared the Chocolate Mocha Cake
with a scoop of soy vanilla almond ice cream. I ordered a Korean Plum Tea too.


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