What Vegans Eat – Day 1667


Today’s Tea: First thing I had today was a pot of Bai Mu Dan.

First Meal: There was plenty of leftover Mushroom Vegetable Okara Soup and I was happy to have it when I got hungry.

We got our piano tuned today. It was a major event since it hadn’t been tuned in a while. Our tuner, Bimol patiently took his time. Occasionally while working he would play a song and the sounds coming from the piano were so lovely. When he finished I offered him some watermelon. He asked, “You are vegans?” “Yes,” I exclaimed, “how did you know?” “You have ‘Go Vegan’ signs here,” he replied. I forgot about them! And then Bimol told us he was vegan too. Hurray!!

Second Meal: “What would you like for dinner tonight?” Gary asked me. “A salad would be good,” I replied. And that’s what we had. A salad full of great ingredients like Kale, Red Cabbage, Grated Carrots, Onions, Tahini Dressing and Love.

Treat: We had Watermelon again late in the evening.

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