What Vegans Eat – Day 1690


First Meal: We’re flying! Flying! Flying! AGAIN. I came back from Costa Rica, Gary returned from the Bay Area. We did our laundry, went to a fundraising gala and are now heading back west for a funeral. We know the routine, we’ve taken the same evening flight many times now. Gary prepared the Baked Tofu for our travel food only this time he put them in yummy sandwiches with Mustard and Avocado. on gluten-free English Muffins. We didn’t eat all day, aside from drinking tea and Apples so I couldn’t wait to get to the airport and eat.

Second Meal: The sandwich was very good but we need more calories. We picked up some Green Smoothies (without the sugary lemonade) from Jamba Juice.

Snacks: On the flight we munched on Apples and Raisins. Gary gave me his package of Sea Snax from the gala. And we each had a bag of Airline-supplied Terra Chips. Gary couldn’t believe there were only 6 chips in his bag. I felt crummy after eating them with all the salt and oil. Funny, the Sea Snax, seaweed coated with olive oil and salt does not make me feel bad like the chips with oil and salt. Is it in my mind or in the frying process?

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