What Vegans Eat – Day 1704


Tea: Gary got up super early to go into Manhattan for an audition. He left me some freshly made Oatmeal and Chai Tea. I had the tea and skipped the Oats. I wasn’t hungry.
First Meal:
I got myself ready and took the car to Toyota for some needed service. Then I went to mom’s for my weekly visit. I was very hungry when I got there. The big box of Mix Greens I ordered with her food delivery last week had not been touched. I opened it and made a big salad with Tomatoes, Olives, Onions, and cooked Peas and Corn.

I made mom lots of soup last week that I put in jars for her and froze. I warmed up some of it for us to go with the salad. I was really hungry and took a small bowl of sauerkraut. It was so salty! When I make it at home it is never this salty. I had to rinse it a few times before I could eat it. For dessert, mom put out Red Grapes. Very nice and refreshing, especially after salty sauerkraut.

Second Meal: I made it home before 6pm and there were plenty of spots to park the car. This brings me joy. Gary had prepared a hearty dinner for us. This also brings me joy. He outdid himself once again. In addition to making some Pinto Beans with Celery and Carrots; Purple Potatoes, Purple Sweet Potatoes and Yellow Sweet Potatoes; and Masala Tofu, he created a new dish, Escarole “Fish” with Capers and Caramelized Onions. It’s a winner.

We saved the Purple Sweets for dessert. THEY WERE AMAZING! Such great flavor. Gary had shopped at Westerly in Manhattan earlier today. This store has a big selection of organic produce, things you rarely find in other stores, including the Escarole he made. And they had organic Purple Potatoes, not just the organic Purple Sweet Potatoes we often get. It’s more expensive at this store but we made a commitment to shop there more often to support the business. Everything we get there is always excellent quality.

Gary had defrosted a couple of Green Juices we had in the refrigerator. These are serious Green Juices, thick and very, very green. They need to be sipped slowly and almost chewed in the mouth even though there is no fiber.
Treat: I had made Almond Biscotti a few days ago. I froze the entire batch. I will take out a couple and enjoy them every now and again, like this evening. They will stay fresh and last a longer time in the freezer.


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