What Vegans Eat – Day 1710


First Meal: We couldn’t wait to try the RawMio Halzelnut Spread. I made Fruity Corn Waffles to try the spread with along with Apricot Butter. This is so decadent! RawMio has coconut sugar in it. When we finish this jar (which will be soon because it’s too good) I will try to make my own version with date paste instead.

Second Meal: It was one of those nights where we didn’t want to cook. We had two restaurants that we frequent in our neighborhood. We headed out in the direction of Bareburger. All along the way we weren’t sure if we wanted to go there. Gary asked should be get on a train and go to Manhattan? It sounded like a good idea for a brief second. No, let’s just go to Bareburger so I can get back and do some work. It seems like I always have something to work on. At Bareburger I got my usual CaliFresh Salad with the Quinoa Chia and Green Pea Patty on top.

Gary went with the Big Bopper once again with Sweet Potato Fries.

Third Meal: I am never thoroughly satisfied at Bareburger. After we got home and I did a little work, I made some Polenta and topped it with Nutritional Yeast and Pumpkin Seeds.


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