What Vegans Eat – Day 1726


First Meal: It’s play day today. We have friends in from Florida that we are seeing for lunch and then my second cousin is in town from Maryland and we will see her and her partner for dinner. Our breakfast was fun. We had the Herbed Okara crackers I had made last night served with Almond Butter and Apricot Butter.

Second Meal:
Gary and I took the train to Penn Station and walked 50 blocks to Blossom on Columbus. They still have outside seating which is one reason we picked the place. Our friends had a dog with them. We were warmed up from our long walk and the weather was nice when we arrived so we didn’t mind siting outside. I ordered from the brunch menu, Tofu Scramble with Black Beans, Guacamole and Tortillas.

Gary got the pancakes. The food was fine, not the best, but we were frustrated with our teas. They weren’t hot enough and we wanted to stay warm outside.

Tea Break: We were going to walk back to the train but it was getting very cold. I was shivering. We stopped in the De Capo Cafe for tea. What a find! We sat at the cozy bar and drank very hot tea served with Oat Milk in glass mugs. We’re coming back to this place.

Snack: We took the subway home. We had about a half hour before heading out to our next appointment. We had a quick nosh of Tortillas, Kale and Guacamole.

Third Meal: We met my cousin Bonnie and her partner Karl at Green Zenphony. Karl got Orange Infusion
which we had never tried before. It’s sweet with Soy Veggie Chicken, Orange Chunks, Red & Green Bell Peppers in a Citrus Sauce.

Bonnie ordered the Sizzling Mushrooms Infinity with Strips of Black Mushrooms, Snow Peas, carrots, Jicama & Basil in a sizzling sauce, served on a hot platter garnished with Broccoli & Bean Sprouts. Yummy!

I had one of my favorites, the Veggie Fish Soup. Perfect for this cold night.

Gary went for one of his regulars, the Bean Curd Platter Supreme.


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