What Vegans Eat – Day 1745


First Meal: We always save the Kale Stems if we don’t include them in our salads. They are so nutritious, why are they left off the plate? They can be crunchy like celery. If I don’t use them to make Green Juice I try to put them in something. Today I made a Barley Miso Soup with our Brown/Red/Black Rice and Millet Blend, Carrots and Mushroom Powder. It was really good!

Second Meal: Gary knows I like to use those Kale Stems so he quietly chopped them up and sautéed them with the Garbanzo Beans and warmed up the Grain Blend for today’s lunch.

We topped our bowls with homemade Cashew Yogurt.

Third Meal: Gary baked up our favorite Sweets for a late dinner.

We served them with Peas and Corn and Red Cabbage Kraut. Food should be bursting with colors!


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