What Vegans Eat – Day 1759


First Meal: A twist on our morning Rolled Oats, Mango! We have frozen Organic Mango in the freezer. I added it to our Rolled Oats along with Flax Seeds, Coconut and Blueberries. I had made some last night, as soaked Oats for my brother who was staying over and had to leave early in the morning. I should have made three servings. Instead, I made some from Gary and me this morning and had to wait a little for the chill to wear off from the frozen fruit. It was worth the wait.

Second Meal: I made a soupy stew from the leftover Polenta Stuffing and Blue Hubbard Squash. We are flying to California today so anything that doesn’t gets eaten that is perishable goes in the freezer.

Third Meal: We were at the airport, heading out to San Jose for a family holiday party. I was so hungry. I hunted throughout the JetBlue terminal for something and came up with nothing! I went to all the restaurants and read the menus. There was a Mexican place where I thought I could get a burrito but the staff didn’t know what ingredients were in the food. That’s a red flag. One man putting the burritos together looked up and told me he didn’t think the beans or the Mexican Red Rice was vegan. Ugh! Finally I went into a Cibo Express shop where they had prepackaged sandwiches and salads. I got this California Roasted Vegetable Salad. There were no artificial ingredients and preservatives so I bought it. I don’t like to eat white flour but I gave in today. Gary bought a second one for himself but I really think he got it for me. I ate it later on the flight.


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